black dog

Black Dog

Two brothers must deal with the sudden loss of their parents.

tell on you

Tell On You

Come out of the shadows of exploitation into the light so the healing can begin.

the romantic movement

The Romantic Movement

A young writer decides to commit suicide by midnight unless his ex-lover returns.



A homeless man boards a ghost plane for an imaginary trip to an unknown destination.

never give up

Never Give Up

After his parents were murdered he decided to abandon Nigeria.

justice for one

Justice For One

It can be healthier to take revenge on your tormentor instead of torturing yourself.

CIA – Club Internacional Aguerridos

A pseudo bourgeois cineaste ends up starring in his own breakneck movie.

bestia humana

La Bestia Humana

The one-eyed giant has become a teetotaler.

the lost occurrence

The Lost Occurrence

A fortuitous encounter and a riddle unfold in a small coastal village in southern China.

It takes a world class athlete to become the Dominican National Champion of Chicken Eating.

El Campeón

It takes a world class athlete to become the Dominican Chicken Eating Champion