A street artist with an unhealthy social media obsession…

The End Of Aaron

A young man fearing an imminent apocalypse has locked…

Selected Milk

Not everyone qualifies as a supermarket packaged milk…


After taking a self-help course for the lost lonely &…

Love, your survivor.

A doped up young man dances through life ignoring the…

Haiti Speaks

Neither corruption nor earthquakes nor racism can destroy…


On a journey to places that remind her of the past a woman…


An anonymous apartment pretends to be a safe space for an…

Good Intentions

A recovering French meth addict living in Barcelona films…


A man tries to normalize his girlfriend who can't get…

A Known Omission

A young writer thought her words were safe.

Radical Camp

Ideology and extremism overwhelm the suburbs.

Curtino Bros

When a decadent lawyer retired mafia boss whore-mongering…

Around Copacabana

Pleasure and pain of a 21st century Brazilian city in the…

EN CAMINO – México, machismo & clouds

In Mexico the problem is not that women are different but…

Once A Fury

In the 1970s a notorious lesbian separatist collective…

After The Coup

Malian women join forces in the struggle to restore their…


When monotony conspires to take you on an ethereal journey.

Bass Rally

An extraordinary rally through the subconscious with…


To recover the beauty that her sister Snow White stole from…

Instant For Two Saxes

Two saxophonists create intriguing sounds while discussing…

A distant father and his six year old son connect as they put a horse out of its misery.


A distant father and his six year old son connect as they…

Kaali Maati

A young Indian farmer changes the course of his life and…

black dog

Black Dog

Two brothers must deal with the sudden loss of their…

tell on you

Tell On You

Come out of the shadows of exploitation into the light so…

the romantic movement

The Romantic Movement

A young writer decides to commit suicide by midnight unless…

self funded film


A homeless man boards a ghost plane for an imaginary trip…

never give up

Never Give Up

After his parents were murdered he decided to abandon…

justice for one

Justice For One

It can be healthier to take revenge on your tormentor…

CIA – Club Internacional Aguerridos

A pseudo bourgeois cineaste ends up starring in his own…

bestia humana

La Bestia Humana

The one-eyed giant has become a teetotaler.

self funded film

The Lost Occurrence

A fortuitous encounter and a riddle unfold in a small…

It takes a world class athlete to become the Dominican National Champion of Chicken Eating.

El Campeón

It takes a world class athlete to become the Dominican…

ponte trucha

Ponte Trucha

Gone fishing, an unloving father and his sharp-sighted son…



Spelunking the lengths lovers would go to in order to…

Balderdash stands in the way of a man intent on recapturing his essence.


Bourgeois balderdash stands in the way of a man intent on…

A suicidal young poet must fight the Boogeyman who prevents Saint Petersburg's decrepit communal apartments from becoming dignified living spaces.

The Harakiri

A suicidal young poet must fight Saint Petersburg's…

from gringo to grave

From Gringo To Grave

Has a 30 something gun-running gringo bit off more than he…

With doomsday scenarios dominating the news cycle why do people still procreate?

Why Not To Have Children

With doomsday scenarios dominating the news cycle why do…

cine pobre

A Brief Account of Time

Story and film crease the waveform of cognizance.

cine pobre


Carlos Brighenti set up the last creole circus in…

cine pobre

Love Is Not Love

There is an eternal conflict between the erotic and the…

cine pobre unskin


Listen or become unskinned.

cine pobre


Sharing here and now is no guarantee of compatibility.

cine pobre

Fiona Humphrey

Sanfilippo Syndrome is slowly killing their 9 year old…

cine pobre


Playing the lead in his autobio-fiction film is the only…

cine pobre

In Between

Exploring the psychedelic experience of giving birth.



Four carpooling strangers find their moral compass put to…

cine pobre

Withdrawal Symptoms

A young man applies peculiar techniques to mitigate his…

cine pobre

Auricular Confessions

The confusing nature of being in a state of two qualities.

cine pobre

Headless Gatherer

A headless gatherer has a life-changing encounter with a…

cine pobre

Baby Maybe

Ever struggled with the idea of parenting?

cine pobre

Skinny Atlas

His career as an astronaut hasn't prepared him for a life…

cine pobre

The Mantis Night

A deranged anti-war radical blows a fuse.

cine pobre


Lord help us to be the people our dogs think we are.

cine pobre

Lulu en el Jardín

No one chastises the daffodil for being too Butch.

cine pobre


When Charles Lickens abandons Cat Daddy his only solution…

cine pobre


A piano player makes a deal with the devil.

cine pobre


Fed up with their soul sucking jobs Cat and Rita start…

cine pobre

World of Content

Emil's YouTube channel is his main source of contact to the…

cine pobre


A mysterious woman returns to her old apartment after…

cine pobre

Café Para Llevar

La soberbia nunca baja de donde sube, pero siempre cae de…

self funded films - cine pobre

Intersection of Culture and Capabilities

film becomes art only when its materials are as inexpensive…

cine pobre

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